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Ubuntu Desktop 10.10 s10 | NinjaTool inc.

Ubuntu Desktop 10.10 s10

Posted by on February 18, 2011

Yesterday I got my 2nd hand Lenovo s10 (1st gen) and immediately started downloading the Ubuntu Netbook Edition. I WAS going to say; “the only thing Internet Explorer is good for” but unfortunately the minor detail that IE is the current ass kicker numero uno in graphics intensive HTML5 execution pretty much puts a sock in that proclamation.

UNR - No thank youAnyway – once the image was down and installed on a USB pen I booted it up… The disappointment was severe. This customized, small screen tailored, let’s-decide-how-you-want-to-use-your-computer kinda app platform is REALLY not me. I can accept it in mobile phones and to some extend tablets, but beyond that – no way. I want my system open and accessible without having to hack my way there.

I guess it was really just a question of setting it up to hide the shortcut bar and enable more regular use, but quite frankly – I didn’t have the patience to figure out how. So I started a second download. This time; Ubuntu Desktop Edition. And it works perfectly. I have complete access to all parts of the computer; from the webcam and SD reader over VGA, internal and external sound and even the 3G modem. To put it short; Stuff works! And pretty fast too. I thought the netbook edition was necessary in order to fluently run Ubuntu on a netbook, but this is in NO way the case. Even got that fancy 3D cube desktop going :D (actually even tried the wobbly window thing and transparency – all works with no lag or tearing).

I love it. I will probably try the netbook edition again some day when I have more time, but for the time being, I am pretty content with the full netbook desktop I’ve got running here.


2 Responses to Ubuntu Desktop 10.10 s10

  1. christian

    you can run osx on s10 ;)

    • NinjaTool

      I KNOW, RIGHT? :D
      But fortunately I don’t need to ;) Like the option though, and might even do it too. It would, however only be in order to get some [insert iDevice name] development going – legally, you know :)

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