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Game Block: One step closer | NinjaTool inc.

Game Block: One step closer

Posted by on March 22, 2011

…continued from Touch game for the offspring.

Game Block hardware rig

I had a naive thought that this would basically be the final rig, but then got to think  that I might want to add a power switch and a speaker / buzzer of sorts. But other than that I want everything to work by touch interaction. I’ve already got the gyros and accelerometers lined up for this project, but in the interest of keeping it somewhat practicable for the novice level of skills I posses in electronics, I think I’ll just go K.I.S.S. and get it all the way to the finish line :)

As I have now got the 9V battery hooked up to power the needy LCD, all that is left is to calibrate the touch panel to the display and start programming some games :)

More about this in my next entry which will be all about touch interaction and initial game code. Till then…

NOTE: You are more than welcome to suggest game ideas for this ridiculously small screen and touch area. We’re talking about an LCD resolution at 128×64  stretched over a physical area of 3×2″ and a touch area that is slightly larger (noIdidn’tbothertofindmatchingcomponents).

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