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Local Stores VS. The World! | NinjaTool inc.

Local Stores VS. The World!

Posted by on March 15, 2011

I am currently power shopping electronic components for various planned (and indeed unplanned) projects. And one of the things I quickly realized is that it does matter from where you buy your stuff. Like with everything else there is a price tag to consider, but the little things should not be ignored; such as expedition and delivery fees and VAT.

As much as I’d like to support my local pushers (shouts out to Let Elektronik and ElectroZone.dk who both feature Arduino and EB products), there are other dealers to consider, both nationally and internationally.

The few that I’d like to point out are:

  • Elektronik Lavpris:
    Danish, have a HUGE product range but also somewhat pricey. Not necessarily in regard to their products (which is about average with the chance of bounty discounts) but rather due to an expedition fee in addition to delivery fee. Beware of small orders!
  • RS:
    Another of the heavy hitters on the Danish electronic components scene. Mostly for companies, but anybody can place an order. I don’t really have a lot of experience with them.
  • Deal Extreme:
    Asian based but with free delivery all over the world. Not the wides range of electronic DIY components, but just about everything else :) Remember to check out the exchange rates, as there is a detail limit for VAT in DK (possibly EU) at about 80 DKK. If your order is below this value, the price you see on the site is valid. If it’s more, you risk getting an unpleasant addition to the price from the Danish taxation agencies. In any case; free delivery on all orders. And yes, even if you just want the mini iPhone charger at $2.13. Strange but true :)

Please let me know in the comments below if I should mention anyone else. I am always eager to learn :) Thanks.

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  1. Simon Loell

    Well if you are about to support the smaller and local pushers, I would indeed suggest http://www.pc-elektronik.dk in Øster Brønderslev. He is cheap, has a fairly large sortiment and supports the AVRs used in the Arduino One boards (without the bootloader).

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