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Touch game for the offspring | NinjaTool inc.

Touch game for the offspring

Posted by on March 2, 2011

I thought about making a simple (bulky) touch game device for my daughter comprising an Arduino board, an LCD display and a replacement touch panel for a Nintendo DS. Sounds simple enough, but given that I am a complete electronics (and in any practical sense; a C++) novice, I believe it will be somewhat challenging in any case :)

I started getting the wiring of the touch panel set up and thanks to the easy to follow tutorial by Marco Nicolato. As the turorial is originally in Italian, I took the liberty to post a link to the translated tutorial. Same site, just looped through Google Translate ;)

The green wire going from the breadboard to GND on the Arduino board does nothing in this setup.

Anywho… So that took care of getting coordinates from the touch screen. Now I had to map these to actually be able to use it as an interface, but first I had to bring my display into the game, so to speak.

So far I have found this really useful guide to the actual Sparkfun GLCD that I bought (without knowing anything about it beforehand I might add). The code uses the NewSoftSerial library which apparently does wonders, but as of yet has not been validated as the code assumes a 9V external power supply to the Arduino board which I don’t have. I wonder if a 9V battery could be used? Apparently it can :)

EDIT: I have now made a 9V battery based power supply and actually soldered it onto an old Freeduino board – And it works :) The display was instantly kicked into life and the NewSoftSerial library did indeed work like advertised. But more about that in a later post… Till then :)

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