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Dimnur Borgir and the lost cassettes | NinjaTool inc.

Dimnur Borgir and the lost cassettes

Posted by on September 28, 2011

I recently stumbled upon a butt load of old cassette tapes in the attic, among which I found an equally old recording of a radio show called Metal GO! This show ran once a week on the Danish Radio channel P3. Obviously the provided clip will only entertain Danish (or in the broadest; Scandinavian) listeners, but I still felt like including this piece of subtle rage in English :)

DimnurBorgir” presentation

In the above audio clip the  host (Bjarke Ahlstrand) announces this new amazing band in the black metal genre as “Dimnur Borgir” which did not lead to much rage at the time, as virtually nobody knew the band yet. Of course Dimmu Borgir have grown to be a legendary international name in the genre, and till now, all has been forgotten about this first presentation of the band in Danish media. Enjoy the snippet ;)

Oh, yeah – and by the way. The track that was played in the radio that day was “Over Bleknede Blaner Til Dommedag” from the 1997 album, For All Tid.

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