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Fixing rendering for the Retina display | NinjaTool inc.

Fixing rendering for the Retina display

Posted by on August 13, 2012

I recently bought the MacBook Pro with retina display. This seemed like a good idea at the moment, but I soon realised that the Apple approach to releasing new hardware without announcing it in advance have a downside in that nobody can prepare their applications to support the new “standards”. In the case of placing a retina display on a laptop, unprepared applications are rendered in their native resolution and rescaled to match the revolutionary high resolution of the display… Wait, what? Yes, RESCALED! And yes, it does look like shit. Being an otherwise biased linux user, I thought there might be a hack to fix this rather than just waiting for all my favourite applications to be re-released with retina support, I searched the web and violá; at this Eclipse forum, Brandon Hudgeons provided this lump of gold:

Here's the workaround:

Do "Show package contents" on the Eclipse.app. 
Edit Contents/Info.plist.  Just above

Place this:


Then, log out or make a copy of the app
so that OSX will notice the change.
Now, the info window will not show
"Open in Low Resolution" as checked.
Launch Eclipse and enjoy your new
retina awesomeness.

If you’re editing .plist files in XCode there is of course a pretty grid of properties in which the key can be added, but whether you use XCode-like editor or just edit the raw XML, this fix works! AND apparently works for virtually all apps under OSX.

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