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About | NinjaTool inc.


This is the personal blog of Kasper Vestergaard, hiding behind his alter ego; The NinjaTool inc.

Posts will reflect my primary interests of computer graphics, game and electronics programming, photography, art and random stuff. And I’m afraid there will be a lot of random stuff.

Since graduating my masters degree in informatics with specialization in computer graphics at Aalborg University, I have been working primarily in game programming. I started in this line of work with Aalborg based game development company Progressive Media, where development for mobile platforms like cell phones and Nintendo DS was my main focus. At Progressive Media I worked on titles for KREA Multimedia and EA Games. I am currently working as a game programmer at CEGO ApS, who develop games for the web, own and maintain the internationally known Playtopia, for which I am about to finish my first title.

The main reason for creating the NinjaTool inc. was to have a cover for doing amazing graphics, music, programming and dabbling in other creative disciplines without exposing too much of my self. Now, after having used the nick online and in various code projects for the better part of 15 years, the name has stuck and I am now proud to actually be NinjaTool. Most of my previous, personal work is credited as “Kasper Vestergaard for NinjaTool inc.” which may be somewhat misleading, as the NinjaTool inc. has never included more people than me.