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BS Bingo app

Got this idea for an app, and since I never seem to get around to implementing any of my ideas outside work, I guess I’ll just post it here for anyone to grab and run with it. Assuming you know the concept of Bullshit Bingo; The ideal scenario could be a meeting or information / &hellip Continue reading »

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Happy tunes from ’73

So I found this old EP in my collection, and since I can’t find it digitally available anywhere on the internet, I suppose the task of bringing this piece of gold to the world is mine. Apparently, the Pipe Pipers have not done much besides this one EP, but it is available around the web &hellip Continue reading »

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JS: Optional parameter default true

Just a short note: If you want to have an optional boolean parameter and have the default value to be false, you can use the property of a boolean to be false if it’s either undefined, null, 0 or false, so just evaluating opt_booleanParameter would evaluate to false it the parameter is omitted (I use that &hellip Continue reading »

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Subversion trust issues on OSX

[Ok, I read the headline, now just show me the solution] The problem As many other mac users, and developers using subversion on macs somewhere in their pipeline, I ran into this recently introduced issue (apparently introduced by Apple) where server certificates can no longer be trusted permanently. The problem is quite easy to fix, &hellip Continue reading »

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Natural scrolling on Ubuntu

If you want the natural scrolling feature of newer OSX-versions on Ubuntu, there’s absolutely no reason to install additional apps to take care of that… Simply create a config-file to reverse the scrolling direction and update xmodmap using that file; Create a new file called .Xmodmap in your Home directory, paste this simple line and &hellip Continue reading »

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Fixing rendering for the Retina display

I recently bought the MacBook Pro with retina display. This seemed like a good idea at the moment, but I soon realised that the Apple approach to releasing new hardware without announcing it in advance have a downside in that nobody can prepare their applications to support the new “standards”. In the case of placing &hellip Continue reading »

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All Kindle books on Amazon are free

If you’re a fast reader, it appears that you can read books from Amazon on your Kindle for free…? According to the refund policy described on the Amazon website, any purchase can be returned for a full refund within seven days. In order for people to not just buy the book again and reading the &hellip Continue reading »

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hehe… Set your iPhone language to English, set this wallpaper on the lock screen and enjoy your LoTR geekness :) Obviously more fun if you actually have need an access code to unlock your phone… FacebookTwitterDiggIt

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Dimnur Borgir and the lost cassettes

I recently stumbled upon a butt load of old cassette tapes in the attic, among which I found an equally old recording of a radio show called Metal GO! This show ran once a week on the Danish Radio channel P3. Obviously the provided clip will only entertain Danish (or in the broadest; Scandinavian) listeners, &hellip Continue reading »

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Fantastisk børnemusik

Én af de mest fantastiske børneplader jeg har stødt på, har jeg desværre ikke kunnet finde siden jeg lånte den ud / afleverede den tilbage til nogen… Der er en Finn Th. Bachman-plade fra sen-70’erne / start-80’erne, der hedder Robin Hood, og som indeholder en masse fede klassikere udsat for rigtig musik og dårligt engelsk. &hellip Continue reading »

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