HTML5 and canvas

Like many others I have gained some interest for HTML5 and especially the new canvas element. I have initially made a little interactive sandbox with a red, pokable ball. Nothing fancy, but somewhat interesting base for further dabbling into JavaScript and the canvas possibilities. I will keep this blog updated as I dig further into the possibilities and develop further prototypes or maybe even complete games / systems. I suspect most of them will be interactive or in other ways graphically presenting some sort of data. Might even be fun to couple this with future Arduino projects :)

This particular venture can be found here in its current form – if I change it along the way, you’ll just have to accept that :) I have done nothing to obfuscate or hide the code, so feel free to look inside.

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New site…

And so it came to be that the NinjaTool homepage was finally revived. Not only did I manage to change back to a PHP based web hotel, but also finally chose to take advantage of the fact that other people have already written perfectly useful systems for blogging, uploading and presenting projects and other stuff, wiki systems, etc. and even agreed to use some of them instead of spending countless hours writing his own. BIG step in the right direction.

So, in the following days I reckon I will migrate some (if not most (if not all)) of my projects to this new site. All additions with publicly bearable content will be posted in this blog, where as other stuff may go no further than the enclosed dungeons of the wiki to which I will accept applications for access in the extend that the public headings will catch your interest.

Family matters will in due time get their own space, with access restricted to the few “worthy” members of my actual family (you know who you are, and will be informed as changes are effectuated).


PS: This blog is fully subscripable through RSS, so please subscribe, so that you don’t miss out of ANY of the very interesting news I’ll be posting here in the years to come…

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